Matilda soft leaf buffalo

Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo is a true all-rounder grass: It’s soft to walk on, easy on the budget and has strong colouration and growth that is relatively unaffected by shade, drought, salt and disease.

DNA Certified Sir Walter

Sir Walter has been widely regarded as “the king of turf” for almost three decades in Australia, and anyone who has a Sir Walter lawn will tell you that it’s held its title for very good reasons!

Tropika Blue Couch

This highly sought after species is loved for its low-maintenance, hardy nature, bright colouration and soft feel. Tropika is able to withstand extreme conditions and requires minimal maintenance or fertilizer.

A Grade Wintergreen Couch

A Grade Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch grass has been a favourite among Australian households and sporting clubs for over twenty years. It withstands heavy wear better than most turf varieties while still maintaining luscious and soft light-mid green leaves all year.

Sapphire SOft Leaf Buffalo

With super-soft, fine leaves, hardy nature and a vigorous green colour, Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo is one the most loved turf types. As well as having high performance and good looks, this type of grass is quick to strike and easy to maintain.

Queensland Blue Couch

Queensland Blue Couch is suitable for a wide range of soil types and will grow in sandy, acidic or low-fertility soil. One of the biggest draws of this species is its rich blue-green colour which is combined with a comfortable leaf texture.

Empire Zoysia

Lovely fine leaves, ability to flourish year-round in all sorts of extreme weather conditions and very low maintenance requirements all make Empire Zoysia the turf of choice for anyone wanting a good-looking, hassle-free lawn.


Fantastic colour retention and Spring green-up make TifTuf the ideal turf variety to suit Australian conditions. TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda is known as couch here in Australia but is unlike any couch you have seen before.