$13.50 per square meter

Delivering to all of Brisbane and the Pine Rivers directly from the farm.


  • Low allergenic
  • Superfine texture
  • Very visually appealing
  • Hard-wearing
  • Low thatching
  • Deep-rooted
  • Tolerates extreme conditions

With super-soft, fine leaves, hardy nature and a vigorous green colour, Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo is one the most loved turf types in Australia.

As well as having high performance and good looks, this type of grass is quick to strike and easy to maintain.

Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo represents great value for anyone wanting to invest in having a prestigious looking lawn to complement their property.


Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo has been scientifically proven to produce an average of 39% fewer seed heads than other buffalo varieties, making it a safer alternative for those with hay fever and similar allergies.


Unlike other buffalo varieties that are known to have coarse leaves or fine leaves prone to thatching, Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo grass has a very smooth texture. This is due to its leaves folding at tight angles along its axis – a unique feature which gives it a super fine texture. Sapphire Soft-Leaf Grass is renowned for its visual appeal.


With deep root systems, a quick recovery rate from damage, rapid growth and the ability to thrive in extremely hot and dry environments, Sapphire Soft-Leaf Buffalo can be regarded as a truly tough turf.


The tight mat created by this turf makes it very difficult for weeds to grow through it, and, in the rare event that the occasional weed does pop up, owners can safely treat Sapphire Soft-Leaf Grass with Bromoxynil and MCPA.


Sapphire Soft-Leaf Grass is one of the best performing grasses when planted alongside saltwater pools.