$15.50 per square meter

Delivering to all of Brisbane and the Pine Rivers directly from the farm.

Stenotaphrum secundatum

  • All-round performer
  • Luxurious feel
  • Minimal watering
  • Extremely hardy
  • Quick recovery
  • Outstanding winter colour
  • Kid & pet-friendly

Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo is a true all-rounder grass: It’s soft to walk on, easy on the budget and has strong colouration and growth that is relatively unaffected by shade, drought, salt and disease.

This grass has been specially bred to add to all of the great attributes of its parent plant (Shademaster), and there is much scientific research to back up the many positive claims that growers make about this variety.

Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo is considered by many to be a top of the line grass variety that easily rivals other premium grasses like Sir Walter.


Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo has a wider leaf than Sapphire and a finer leaf than Sir Walter, making it soft to touch without being easily damaged. It is a semi-dwarf lawn, and its thinner stems and stolons add to its luxurious feel.


Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo grass is ideal for any home or business that is under tight water restrictions. It can withstand drought conditions without losing its colour and bounces back from extended dry periods quickly.


When it comes to wearing testing, this variety of turf outperformed all other types of buffalo grass. As a relatively fast-growing grass, Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo also has quick-wear recovery: Owners can expect complete coverage after damage in less than a week.


Studies have shown that Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo outperforms almost every other type of grass when it comes to maintaining its lush green colouration throughout the year. With only a 7% difference between winter and summer colours, the naked eye can’t even tell when its hue fades in the colder months!


Matilda Soft-Leaf Buffalo grass shows extremely high resistance to disease. When tested against Australia’s most common grass diseases it was almost entirely unaffected.