$15.90 per square meter

Delivering to all of Brisbane and the Pine Rivers directly from the farm.

Cynodon dactylon


  • Selected from over 30,000 different varieties of turf

  • 25 years of research

  • Superior drought tolerance requiring on average 38% less water

  • Fantastic winter colour

  • Low maintenance

  • Disease and pest resistant

  • Self-repairing

  • Thrives in full sun or partial shade

Drought Tolerance

TifTuf is a beautiful grass that has many assets, chief of them is its drought tolerance. Testing has shown that TifTuf uses 38% less water than similar couches. By growing TifTuf uses physiological adaptive mechanisms like growing deeper roots and going dormant during drought to reduce irrigation 'events', saving you water over time. The reduced water needs mean a significant cost saving after installation, the savings in water bills over a 3 year period may cover the cost of the TifTuf purchase when compared with other grasses like Wintergreen Couch.

Wear Resistance

Rapid regrowth and dense surface growth after a disturbance make TifTuf superior in wear tolerance to other Couch varieties. TIfTuf's canopy is dense, and the leaves are upright; both morphological features helping it hold up better to constant wear. Tiftuf quickly recovers from sustained damage when watered and fertilised to promote lateral growth.

Shade Tolerant

Couch is not renowned as shade-tolerant grass but TifTuf has been growing in areas of low light where other couch grasses would not survive. TifTuf has been seen to survive in areas of 50% light transmission. This ability to survive and grow in situations of reduced sunlight improves the wear recovery of TifTuf. During spring, TifTuf breaks dormancy strong and healthy and often earlier than other couches. For autumn dormancy, it stays greener further into the autumn, by several weeks longer than other similar grasses in extremely cold climates.